Tracking Trouble by Aldrea Alien

Tracking Trouble by Aldrea Alien

Before a routine job brought him to the love of his life, Tracker’s world had two facets: Hunting spellsters and entertaining strangers in his bed. There’s no doubt he’s good at both, even if only one is considered acceptable amongst the King’s Hounds. But there’s something off about his current tasks. The spellsters he typically finds aren’t usually this powerful or anywhere near as dangerous to a man untouchable by magic. It’s as if someone is releasing them with an eye to weaken an already harried kingdom. Can he find out who before they run out of hounds? Join this mess of… Read more.

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Trigger & Content Warnings

  • Sex-trafficking
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Death of children
  • Graphic mass murder including infanticide
  • Kidnapping