A massive, endless thank you to everyone who has contributed to the database or helped me in the background. This was a massive project to get started and will take ongoing effort to keep it running. You are so appreciated!

Authors and Publishers

A massive thank you to the authors and publishers who provide content warnings for their books for helping your readers, and influencers who make the extra effort to include them in their reviews.

Amanda Lovelace
Brittney Morris
Caroline Kaufman
Cole McCade
Victoria Lee
Roseanne A. Brown
Kate Alice Marshall
Liz Lawson
L.A. Witt
Interlude Press
Jesi Lea Ryan
Sabaa Tahir
Libby Hubscher
Danielle Jensen
Kiki Clark
Rebecca Ross
Kit Rocha
Adiba Jaigirdar
C.G. Drews
Christina Childers
Claudie Arsenault
Xan West
Veronica Lancet
Paula Stokes
Hanna Alkaf
Denise Williams
Erica Chapman
Eva V. Gibson
Lillie Vale
Josie Jaffrey
Sara Cate
Anna E. Collins
Hannah Bonam-Young
Aldrea Alien
Christine Lynn Herman
Carrie Pack
Talia Hibbert
Ceillie Simkiss
Savannah Brown
Tessa Dare
Rebecca F. Kuang
Lianyu Tan
Rory Powers
Liz Kerin
Laura Weymouth
Lyndall Clipstone
Ruby Dixon
Lucinda Berry
Lillian Lark
Ashley Shuttleworth
KJ Charles

Influencers and Readers