And the World Crumbled by Aldrea Alien

And the World Crumbled by Aldrea Alien

No escape. No defence. One chance. Who’ll make it out alive? Everyone knows that Demarn’s spellster tower is the safest place to be for those with magic. The site is shielded by mountains to west, by allies to the north, and their kingdom’s army in the south whilst the whole kingdom stretches between them and the magic-reviling people patrolling the sea to the east. And yet, the enemy has breached the gates. They’ve issued no demands. Only death. Fleeing the tower and the ultimate demise is the one choice left. There is but one way out and the enemy holds more power… Read more.

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Trigger & Content Warnings

  • Blood & gore depiction including dead bodies
  • Beheading & dismemberment
  • Graphic mass murder including infanticide
  • Vivisepulture (buried alive)