A Girl Called Corpse by Reece Carter

A Girl Called Corpse by Reece Carter

With a body made of wax, seaweed for hair and polished abalone shells for eyes, Corpse is bound to haunt the Witches’ sea shack forever. She has no memory of the kid she was before she was snatched and ended up on the rock-that-doesn’t-exist. But the delivery of an unexpected message sets Corpse off on a surprising quest, searching for answers to the old and familiar questions that have filled her not-brain since the day she first woke up a ghost. Questions about her name. Questions about her family. With only her eight-legged friend Simon for company, Corpse heads into the unknown. There will be danger cruelly… Read more.

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Trigger & Content Warnings

  • Parental abandonment mentioned,
  • Memory loss
  • Physical injuries including burns
  • Body horror
  • Death of a mother and father mentioned
  • Murder and attempted murder of a child
  • Near-drowning incident
  • Loss of autonomy discussed (possession)
  • Animal death (bird, spider)