Together We Burn by Isabel Ibanez

Together We Burn by Isabel Ibanez

Together We Burn by Isabel Ibanez

Eighteen-year-old Zarela Zalvidar is a talented flamenco dancer and daughter of the most famous Dragonador in Hispalia. People come for miles to see her father fight in their arena, which will one day be hers.
But disaster strikes during their five hundredth anniversary show, and in the carnage, Zarela’s father is horribly injured.

Facing punishment from the Dragon Guild, Zarela must keep the arena—her ancestral home and inheritance —safe… Read more.

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Trigger & Content Warnings

  • Misogyny
  • Grief & loss depiction
  • Blood depiction
  • Death of a parent
  • Murder
  • Kidnapping
  • Fire
  • Animal death
  • Animal cruelty
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