The Eyes of the Dragon by Stephen King

The Eyes of the Dragon by Stephen King

The King is dead, murdered by an unusual poison.

While evidence is gathered, and the land of Delain mourns, Flagg the King’s magician, unscrupulous, greedy and powerful, plots. Soon the King’s elder son, Peter, is imprisoned in the needle, the top of a high tower, for his father’s murder. And Thomas inherits the throne.

Only Peter knows the truth of his innocence, and the true evil that is Flagg. Only Peter can save Delain from the horror the magician has in store. He has a plan, but it is rife with danger. And if he fails, he won’t get a second chance…

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Trigger & Content Warnings:

  • Murder of a pregnant wife
  • Murder of a father by poisoning
  • Wrongful incarceration
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