The Girl and the Grove by Eric Smith

The Girl & the Grove by Eric Smith

Teenager Leila’s life is full of challenges. From bouncing around the foster care system to living with seasonal affective disorder, she’s never had an easy road. Leila keeps herself busy with her passion for environmental advocacy, monitoring the Urban Ecovists message board and joining a local environmental club with her best friend Sarika. And now that Leila has finally been adopted, she dares to hope her life will improve.

But the voices in Leila’s head are growing louder by the day. Ignoring them isn’t working anymore. Something calls out to her from the grove at Fairmount Park.

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Trigger & Content Warnings:

  • Seasonal Affective Disorder
  • Depression
  • Anxiety & panic attacks
  • Blood depiction
  • Bullying recounted
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