The Camelot Betrayal by Kiersten White

The Camelot Betrayal by Kiersten White

The Camelot Betrayal book cover. A girl

Everything is as it should be in Camelot: King Arthur is expanding his kingdom’s influence with Queen Guinevere at his side. Yet every night, dreams of darkness and unknowable power plague her.

Guinevere might have accepted her role, but she still cannot find a place for herself in all of it. The closer she gets to Brangien, pining for her lost love Isolde, Lancelot, fighting to prove her worth as Queen’s knight, and Arthur, everything to everyone and thus never quite enough for Guinevere–the more she realizes how empty she is. She has no sense of who she truly was before she was Guinevere. The more she tries to claim herself as queen, the more she wonders if Mordred was right: she doesn’t belong. She never will.

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Trigger & Content Warnings:

  • Misogyny
  • Lesbomisia mentioned
  • Coming out themes
  • Rape by coercion mentioned
  • Implied rape of a secondary character
  • Implied domestic abuse of a secondary character
  • Aquaphobia & related anxiety attacks
  • Amnesia
  • Murder & attempted murder recounted
  • Strangulation
  • Fire
  • Poisoning discussed
  • Kidnapping recounted
  • Animal death (on-page)
  • Animal attack
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