Beautifully Cruel by JT Geissinger

Beautifully Cruel by J.T. Geissinger

Alpha (noun): 1) Having the highest rank in a dominance hierarchy, 2) The most powerful man in a group, or 3) Liam Black. He was a stranger to me, a dark and dangerous presence who materialized from the shadows one rainy night to save me from a vicious attack. I didn’t know his name or where he was from. All I knew was that the only place I’d ever felt safe was in his arms. But safety is an illusion. And not every saviour is a hero. And—as I’d soon find out—having an alpha save your life comes with a price. Liam Black wanted something from me in return.

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Trigger & Content Warnings

  • Cheating recounted*
  • Death of a girlfriend recounted
  • Murder, on-page
  • Kidnapping

*Context : The heroine’s boyfriend cheated on her in the past.