House of Hunger by Alexis Henderson

House of Hunger by Alexis Henderson

Marion Shaw has been raised in the slums, where want and deprivation is all she knows. Despite longing to leave the city and its miseries, she has no real hope of escape until the day she spots a peculiar listing in the newspaper, seeking a bloodmaid. Though she knows little about the far north–where wealthy nobles live in luxury and drink the blood of those in their service–Marion applies to the position. In a matter of days, she finds herself the newest bloodmaid at the notorious House of Hunger. There, Marion is swept into a world of dark debauchery–and at the center of it… Read more.

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Trigger & Content Warnings

  • Incest
  • Attempted sexual assault
  • Child abuse mentioned
  • Self-harm
  • Drugging
  • Blood & gore depiction including blood-drinking & letting (theme)
  • Body horror
  • Needles
  • Murder including patricide
  • Torture
  • Gun violence
  • Vivisepulture (buried alive)
  • Poisoning
  • Animal death & cruelty