Wait in the Truck by Aria Grace

Wait in the Truck by Aria Grace

Harris didn’t want to spend fourteen hours on the road during a storm, but when he hears about a dog in need of a home a few states away, he makes the trek. Not long after his journey home, he passes a bus stop with a person who doesn’t even look alive. When Jesse snuck out of the trailer in the dead of night, he didn’t have a plan. He just needed to get away. And after an hour of walking, he realizes how stupid he was to leave on foot. Just because he wasn’t going to die at the hands of his ex tonight doesn’t mean he won’t freeze to death on his way out. Curled up in the corner of a bus… Read more.

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Trigger & Content Warnings

  • Domestic abuse
  • A near-death experience by freezing
  • Gun violence
  • Arson