Untethered by KayLynn Flanders

Untethered by KayLynn Flanders

Although King Atháren’s sister, Jennesara, saved Hálendi from the Gray Mage, the reprieve came at a steep price–the life of their father. Now Ren rules over a divided kingdom, with some who want him dead, and a Medallion that warns of worse trouble brewing in the south. As second-born, Princess Chiara is the perfect Turian royal–perfectly invisible. She longs to help restore peace on the Plateau, but with no magic and no fighting skills, she doesn’t stand a chance against a mage. So when a member of the Turian royal family goes missing and Chiara finds a clue about the rumoured resting place of the mages… Read more,

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Trigger & Content Warnings

  • Suicide
  • Blood sacrifice discussed
  • Death of a father