Resisting Mr Granville by Sam Mariano

Resisting Mr Granville by Sam Mariano

The night I met Mr Granville, he was slipping out of my mother’s bedroom. She was passed out drunk and I was on my own, but that was nothing new. It wasn’t even the first time one of her boyfriends looked at me for a little too long—just the first time I felt anything like interest in return. My mother and I had never been close, but I knew I had to pretend not to notice his hot gaze lingering on me when he was supposed to be there to see her, had to resist the temptation to lap up all the attention he offered me. Until the one night I didn’t After they broke up, I thought… Read more.

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Trigger & Content Warnings

  • Adult-minor relationship*
  • Sexual assault
  • Domestic abuse

*Context : The heroine is eighteen-years-old and the hero is her mother’s much older boyfriend.