The Road to Rose Bend by Naima Simone

The Road to Rose Bend by Naima Simone

Sydney Collins left the small Berkshires town of Rose Bend eight years ago, grieving her sister’s death—and heartbroken over her parents’ rejection. But now the rebel is back—newly divorced and pregnant—ready to face her fears and make a home for her child in the caring community she once knew. The last thing she needs is trouble. But trouble just set her body on fire with one hot, hot smile. Widower and Rose Bend mayor Coltrane Dennison hasn’t smiled in ages. Until a chance run-in with Sydney Collins, who’s all grown-up and making him want what he knows he can’t… Read more.

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Trigger & Content Warnings

  • Custody issues
  • Death of a wife recounted
  • Death of a child (baby) recounted
  • Death of a sister from cancer
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