Beasts of Abigaile, Volume 1 by Spica Aoki

Beasts of Abigaile, Vol. 1 by Spica Aoki

Nina feels like she’s entered a fairy tale after moving to the beautiful country of Ruberia. But the charm wears off quick when she gets bitten by a wolflike luga and becomes one herself! She’s soon dragged off to the penitentiary academy known as Abigaile, where young luga learn how to serve humans. Her strong-willed attitude soon wrecks havoc on the academy’s alpha-omega hierarchy, winning her a few friends, plenty of enemies—and maybe even a lover or two?! Will Nina ever make it home? Or will she remain a luga forever? 

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Trigger & Content Warnings

  • Slavery
  • Child abuse
  • Torture mentioned