Bending The Rules by Christina Jones

Bending The Rules by Christina C. Jones

Besties, with a whole list of life rules developed over a friendship that started when they were kids. As long as they stuck to the rules, even when they blended a business relationship into the friendship, things went off without a hitch. But then one of them broke the rules – It was Justin. Justin broke the rules- and Toni has been mad about it ever since. She’s spent the last several years travelling the globe to cultivate her business, but now she’s back in town. Her only goals? Help her parents with “Mr. Bestseller’s” signing at the store, help them pack up their house to sell, and get out of town without too much interaction with her former best friend. Mr. Bestseller has different goals…. Read more.

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Trigger & Content Warnings

  • Infertility
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