Somebody Told Me by Mia Siegert

Somebody Told Me by Mia Siegert

After an assault, bigender seventeen-year-old Aleks/Alexis is looking for a fresh start―so they voluntarily move in with their uncle, a Catholic priest. In their new bedroom, Aleks/Alexis discovers they can overhear parishioners in the church confessional. Moved by the struggles of these “sinners,” Aleks/Alexis decides to anonymously help them, finding solace in their secret identity: a guardian angel instead of a victim. But then Aleks/Alexis overhears a confession of another priest admitting to sexually abusing a parishioner. As they try to uncover the… Read more.

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Trigger & Content Warnings

  • Racism
  • Ableism
  • Disfigurmisia
  • Slut shaming
  • Homomsia & homomisic slurs
  • Transmisia & internalised transmisia
  • Misgendering
  • Paedophilia & child sexual abuse
  • Sexual assault
  • Domestic abuse mentioned
  • Disordered eating & body image
  • Body dysmorphia
  • Cancer mentioned
  • Physical injury
  • Hospital
  • Murder
  • Fire
  • Stalking and invasion of privacy
  • Bullying
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