The Messengers by Margaret Peterson Haddix

The Messengers by Margaret Peterson Haddix

As book three of the Greystone Secrets series opens, the Greystone kids have their mother back from the evil alternate world, and so does their friend Natalie. But no one believes the danger is past. Then mysterious coins begin falling from unexpected places. They are inscribed with codes that look just like what the Greystones’ father was working on before he died. And with the right touch, those symbols transform into words: please listen, and find us, see us, help us. The coins are messengers, telling the Greystones and their allies that their friends in the alternate world are under attack—and that the cruel, mind… Read more.

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Trigger & Content Warnings

  • Murder, off-page
  • Kidnapping
  • Loss of autonomy (mind control)
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