Temple by Matthew Reilly

Temple by Matthew Reilly

Deep in the jungle of Peru, the hunt for a legendary Incan idol is underway – an idol that in the present day could be used as the basis for a terrifying new weapon. Guiding a US Army team is Professor William Race, a young linguist who must translate an ancient manuscript that contains the location of the idol. What they find is an ominous stone temple, sealed tight. They open it – and soon discover that some doors are meant to remain unopened…

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Trigger & Content Warnings

  • Racism & racial slurs
  • Rape mentioned
  • Cheating
  • Blood & gore depiction
  • Decapitation
  • Murder
  • Gun violence
  • Explosions
  • Animal death
  • Nazism & the Holocaust
  • Colonisalism
  • Medical experiments in concentration camps mentioned
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