A Perilous Undertaking by Deanna Raybourn

A Perilous Undertaking by Deanna Raybourn

London, 1887. At the Curiosity Club, a ladies-only establishment for daring and intrepid women, Victorian adventuress Veronica Speedwell meets the mysterious Lady Sundridge, who begs her to take on an impossible task–saving society art patron Miles Ramsforth from execution. Ramsforth, accused of the brutal murder of his mistress, Artemisia, will face the hangman’s noose in a week’s time if the real killer is not found. But Lady Sundridge is not all that she seems, and unmasking her true identity is only the first of many secrets Veronica must uncover. Together with her natural… Read more.

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Trigger & Content Warnings

  • Ableism
  • Racism mentioned
  • Homomisia mentioned
  • Cheating discussed
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Recreational drug use
  • Infertility & miscarriage mentioned
  • Death of a sister in childbirth mentioned
  • Mild blood & injury depiction
  • Exsanguination
  • Murder & attempted murder
  • Gun violence
  • Knife violence
  • False incarceration
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