The King’s Mage by Iris Foxglove

The King’s Mage by Iris Foxglove

Emile de Guillory swore off love the night his wife died in his arms. Bazyli Drakos loves too deeply, despite what he stands to lose. The night of Prince Adrien’s marriage to Isiodore de Mortain, Bazyli finds Emile poisoned in the royal gardens. He takes him back to his home in the lower city, where Bazyli and his silent demon nurse Emile back from the brink of death. What begins as an uneasy alliance turns into something more as Bazyli and Emile work to uncover the assassin who poisoned Emile that night–an assassin who can hide behind any face, even those Emile trusts… Read more.

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Trigger & Content Warnings

  • Blood depiction for blood magic
  • Attempted murder