Reckless by Kiki Clark 

Reckless by Kiki Clark

Tank is done with his old life. All it’s brought him is trouble and misery in the form of a four-year prison term. Though he did find one good thing while behind bars: Charles “CJ” Crane, pen pal extraordinaire.

After months of exchanging increasingly personal letters, Tank knows exactly where he’s headed as soon as the prison gates open. CJ doesn’t know he’s coming, and he’s not sure what he’ll say when he gets there… Read more.

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Trigger & Content Warnings

  • Homomisia, on-page
  • Sexual harassment, on-page
  • Incarceration recounted

*Note : The protagonist was incarcerated for four months prior to the book’s events. His love interest experiences homomisia from his family and roommate and sexual harassment from a customer at the bar where he works.

Warnings sourced from Alex @HEABookNerd.

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