Black Girl Unlimited by Echo Brown

Black Girl Unlimited by Echo Brown

Echo Brown is a wizard from the East Side, where apartments are small and parents suffer addictions to the white rocks. Yet there is magic . . . everywhere. New portals begin to open when Echo transfers to the rich school on the West Side, and an insightful teacher becomes a pivotal mentor.

Each day, Echo travels between two worlds, leaving her brothers, her friends, and a piece of herself behind on the East Side. There are dangers to leaving behind the place that made you. Echo soon realizes… Read more.

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Trigger & Content Warnings

  • Racism
  • Sexism
  • Paedophilia & child sexual assault
  • Rape
  • Depressive episode
  • Dissociation
  • Suicide
  • Suicidal ideation
  • Overdose
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Drug abuse
  • Death of a parent
  • Murder
  • Car accident
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