A Place Without You by Jewel Ann

A Place Without You by Jewel E. Ann

Everything feels temporary when you’ve experienced tragedy—until Henna Lane meets Bodhi at a music festival. Young and spontaneous, they have a lust for seizing the moment, falling hard and fast. When Bodhi is forced to leave without a goodbye, Henna thinks she’ll never get over him. But then she meets Mr. Malone, her sexy, new guidance counselor.

They are reckless. They are forbidden. When their secret is discovered, Henna has to choose between finishing school—banned from seeing Mr. Malone… Read more.

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Trigger & Content Warnings

  • Emotional cheating
  • Attempted suicide, off-page
  • Euthanasia, on-page
  • Drug use & abuse, on- & off-page
  • Paralysis (sc)
  • Parent with terminal cancer
  • Death of a friend
  • Death of a parent, on- & off-page
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