Tap Left by A Zavarelli

Tap Left by A. Zavarelli

Lola Bell could easily bring an army of men to their knees… as long as she never opened her mouth. She’s soft in too many ways. A people pleaser who goes the extra mile. Some might call her an easy target. In short, she has all of the qualities that I despise. But when it comes to me, she doesn’t hesitate to fling her poison arrows my way. She has every right to her feelings. Over the years, I’ve given her plenty of ammo. Yeah, I hate Lola. But it doesn’t stop me from wanting her too. When she makes me a proposition I can’t refuse, there’s just one problem. She tastes so f*cking sweet. So f*cking good. So f*cking mine.

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Trigger & Content Warnings

  • Cheating mentioned
  • Alcoholism, on-page
  • Drug use
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