The Book of Dragons edited by Jonathan Strahan

The Book of Dragons edited by Jonathan Strahan

with contributions from Garth Nix, Scott Lynch, R.F. Kuang, Ann Leckie, Rachel Swirsky, Daniel Abraham, Peter S. Beagle, Beth Cato, Zen Cho, C.S.E. Cooney, Aliette de Bodard, Kate Elliott, Theodora Goss, Ellen Klages, Ken Liu, Patricia A. McKillip, K.J. Parker, Kelly Robson, Michael Swanwick, Jo Walton, Elle Katharine White, Jane Yolen, Kelly Barnhill, Brooke Bolander, Sara Gailey, Neon Yang, and Rovina Cai

From China to Europe, Africa to North America, dragons have long captured our imagination in myth and legend. Whether they are rampaging beasts awaiting a brave hero to slay or benevolent sages who have much to teach humanity, dragons are intrinsically connected to stories of creation, adventure, and struggle beloved for generations.

Bringing together nearly thirty stories and poems from some of the greatest science fiction and fantasy writers working today, this extraordinary collection vividly breathes fire and life into one of our most captivating and feared magical creatures as never before and is sure to become a treasured keepsake for fans of fantasy, science fiction, and fairy tales.

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Trigger & Content Warnings:

Matriculation by Elle Katharine White– Blood depiction
– Grief & loss
Hikayati Sri Bujang by Zen ChoUnknown.
Yuli by Daniel Abraham– Fatmisia
– War themes
A Whisper of Blue by Ken LiuUnknown.
Where the River Turns to Concrete by Brooke BolanderUnknown.
Habitat by K.J. ParkerUnknown.
Pox by Ellen KlagesUnknown.
The Nine Curves by R.F. KuangUnknown.
Lucky’s Dragon by Kelly BarnhillUnknown.
The Exile by Neon YangUnknown.
Except on Saturdays by Peter S. BeagleUnknown.
La Vitesse by Kelly RobsonUnknown.
The Long Walk by Kate ElliottUnknown.
Cut Me Another Quill, Mister Fitz by Garth NixUnknown.
Hoard by Seanan McGuire– Abuse
The Last Hunt by Aliette de BodardUnknown.
We Continue by Anne Leckie & Rachel SwirskyUnknown.
Small Bird’s Plea by Todd McCaffreyUnknown.
The Dragons by Theodora GossUnknown.
Dragon Slayer by Michael SwanwickUnknown.
We Don’t Talk About the Dragon by Sarah GaileyUnknown.
Camoflague by Patricia A. McKillipUnknown.
Maybe Just Go Up There and Talk to It by Scott LynchUnknown.