The Silver Arrow by Lev Grossman

The Silver Arrow by Lev Grossman

Kate and her younger brother Tom lead desperately uninteresting lives. If only life was like it is in books, where you have adventures! Even Kate’s 11th birthday is shaping up to be mundane — that is, until her mysterious Uncle Herbert surprises her with the most exhilarating birthday present of all time: a real-life steam locomotive called The Silver Arrow.

Kate and Tom’s parents quite sensibly tell him to take it back, but Kate and Tom have other ideas and very soon they’re off on a mysterious journey along magical rails. On their way, they pick up a pack of talking animals and with only curiosity and the thrill of the unknown to guide them, Kate and Tom are on the adventure of a lifetime — and they just might save the world after all. 

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Trigger & Content Warnings:

  • Near-drowning incident
  • Animal death mentioned
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