Ashes and Flame by Aiden Bates and Jill Haven

Ashes and Flame by Aiden Bates and Jill Haven

After uncovering a threat to dragons everywhere, my mission was simple – find the mage with the evil magic book, and bring him back home to Emberwood Weyr. There we could figure out what he knew… and what we could do about it.

Finding him was easy… but protecting him is hard.

The more I get to know Daniel, the more I realize that he’s another victim in all this – hunted, afraid, and so beaten down he can’t even recognize a helping hand when it’s offered. He tugs at my heartstrings even while his out of control magic threatens to burn the world down around us. Good thing I’m fireproof.

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Trigger & Content Warnings:

  • Fire
  • Homelessness
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