King’s Captive by Amber Bardan

King’s Captive by Amber A. Bardan 

Some people would think being stuck on a private island is heaven, but this is my hell. Because I’m not here as a guest. Not even close. I’m a prisoner. I’m his. Julius King. Powerful. Wealthy. Dangerous. 

There are parts of me he wants that I can’t give him. When he looks at me, there are times I swear he sees someone else. And the scary part is that sometimes, when he touches me, I think he may be someone else, too. 

Though my body might be tempted, and he might control everything else, I can’t let him have any piece of my heart. I won’t. But every day, the fight gets harder, and Julius manages to slip past my defenses in the most unexpected ways. I have to find out the truth about Julius King. Even if it destroys me.  

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Trigger & Content Warnings:

  • Amnesia
  • Physical injury, including brain injury & gunshot wounds
  • Hospitalisation
  • Scar & burn scars
  • Grief & loss depiction
  • Death of a spouse, perceived
  • Death of a father from gun violence
  • Death of a mother in a car accident mentioned
  • Murder & attempted murder
  • Kidnapping
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