Pure Dynamite by Lauren Bach

Pure Dynamite by Lauren Bach

FBI Special Agent Adam Duval is deep undercover with one mission: gain the trust of his cellmate, Lyle McEdwin, one of the notorious McEdwin family, by staging a prison break with him. Lyle promises they can hide out with his family in their secluded bunker, and that’s just the opportunity Adam’s been looking for – until it all goes wrong. Lyle is injured in a shootout with an off-duty cop, and Adam has no choice but to kidnap Dr. Renata Curtis from her clinic in order to keep Lyle alive…

Eluding the police, the trio reaches the compound, where it’s clear the McEdwins want Renata dead. She can identify them and their top-secret location. As Lyle grows more unstable by the hour, Adam faces his toughest mission yet: how to protect Renata without giving himself away to the rest of the McEdwin clan. But a much bigger game is in play, and Adam is the only one who can stop a network of domestic terrorists from executing their deadly plot…

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Trigger & Content Warnings:

  • Child abuse mentioned
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