The Sailor in Polynesia by Liz Alden

The Sailor in Polynesia by Liz Alden

After fighting to keep her sailboat in a bitter divorce, Mia embraces her dream to sail the South Pacific alone. Until handsome stranger Jonas drops anchor beside her. Everything was fine; maybe my boat was a little more tired than I thought, and maybe it’s a touch lonely this far from my family. But that’s just part of sailing. Then, on a remote tropical atoll, another boat drops anchor next to me. It’s gorgeous, and so is the captain.

Jonas shows me everything that this sailing life could be—watching sunsets, snorkeling reefs, and enjoying camaraderie with his crew. A sizzling kiss sparks two blissful weeks of passion, but he’s heading to New Zealand, and my little sailboat has to stay in the gentle waters of Tahiti. There’s no way I’d give up my boat—she’s everything I’ve ever wanted. But can I give up Jonas?

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Trigger & Content Warnings:

  • Emotionally & verbally abusive relationship recounted
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