Tainted Frost by Maggie Adamyan

Tainted Frost by Maggie Adamyan

In Haven, Alaska, disappearances are not uncommon. But Anna Monroe refuses to believe her father’s disappearance is just another unfortunate case. She’s determined to find him, even if it’s on her own.

One sleepless night, a raven flies in through her bedroom window. In a flash of light, it transforms into Alex Romanov — Anna’s longterm crush. Alex tells her about the witch who lives in the woods, who steals and traps humans, and has taken his two younger brothers. Alex has reason to believe the witch may have Anna’s father as well. Together, they hatch a rescue plan. With Alex’s supernatural abilities and Anna’s help, they are determined to free their loved ones from the witch’s clutches. But of course nothing is ever that simple.

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Trigger & Content Warnings:

  • Disappearance of a parent
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