Snow Job by Tara Wyatt

Snow Job by Tara Wyatt

Sebastian Prescott once had it all. A promising career as an Olympic-bound snowboarder, money, youth, and a bright future. But after a devastating knee injury, everything came off the rails for Sebastian, sending him on a ten year downward spiral capped off by losing his job. And Sebastian places the blame for getting fired entirely on the shoulders of Kayla Bristowe, the woman who’d been working directly under him—and the subject of his fantasies—for the past three years.

So when a corporate retreat brings Kayla face to face with Sebastian, who’s now working as a snowboarding instructor at the resort hosting the retreat, to say she’s shocked to see him is an understatement. His anger over what happened is palpable. So is the chemistry still sizzling between them… Read more.

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Trigger & Content Warnings:

  • Physical injury recounted
  • Alcohol consumption
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