Perfect on Paper by Sophie Gonzales

Perfect on Paper by Sophie Gonzales

Darcy Phillips:
• Can give you the solution to any of your relationship woes―for a fee.
• Uses her power for good. Most of the time.
• Really cannot stand Alexander Brougham.
• Has maybe not the best judgement when it comes to her best friend, Brooke…who is in love with someone else.
• Does not appreciate being blackmailed.

However, when Brougham catches her in the act of collecting letters from locker 89―out of which she’s been running her questionably legal, anonymous relationship advice service―that’s exactly what happens. In exchange for keeping her secret, Darcy begrudgingly agrees to become his personal dating coach―at a generous hourly rate, at least… Read more.

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Trigger & Content Warnings:

  • Bimisia & internalised bimisia
  • Emotional parental abuse
  • Alcohol consumption & abuse
  • Recreational drug use
  • Emesis
  • Bullying
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