Madam by Phoebe Wynne

Madam by Phoebe Wynne

For 150 years, above the Scottish cliffs, Caldonbrae Hall has sat as a beacon of excellence in the ancestral castle of Lord William Hope. A boarding school for girls, it promises a future where its pupils will emerge ‘resilient and ready to serve society’.

Rose Christie, a 26-year-old Classics teacher, is the first new hire for the school in over a decade. At first, Rose feels overwhelmed in the face of this elite establishment, but soon after her arrival she begins to understand that she may have more to fear than her own ineptitude… Read more.

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Trigger & Content Warnings:

  • Lesbomisia
  • Paedophilia & grooming
  • Sexual harassment
  • Teacher-student relationship
  • Child abuse
  • Emotional abuse & gaslighting
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