The Burning Bridge by John Flanagan

The Burning Bridge by John Flanagan

The Burning Bridge by John Flanagan book cover

Bracing for a final clash with the evil warlord Morgarath, the Rangers rally the kingdom’s allies, and Will is chosen, along with his friend Horace, as special envoys to nearby Celtica. But the simple mission soon takes an unsettling turn – the Celticans have disappeared, their town abandoned. The scheming hand of Morgarath, it seems, has been far from idle. He has found a way to bring his legions over the once impassible eastern mountains and is planning to ambush the king’s army in a rout. Now with help many miles away, Will and Horace are the only ones standing in the way of the dark lord’s plans.They have shown great skill and courage in their training, but how will they fare in the face of true evil?

With bigger battles and higher stakes, John Flanagan’s epic adventure charges ahead with this rousing follow-up to The Ruins of Gorlan.

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Trigger & Content Warnings:

  • Disappearance of a loved one
  • Fire and arson
  • Grief and loss depiction
  • Hostage situation and kidnapping
  • Slavery
  • Knife violence
  • Mind control and possession
  • Physical injuries and wounds, murder and attempted murder
  • War and military themes
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