Swipe Right by Mia Archer

Swipe Right by Mia Archer

Swipe Right by Mia Archer book cover

Eve played it safe. Keep quiet. Keep your head down. Graduate top of the class. That was the plan. Now if only she’d stuck with that plan.

Because the plan didn’t involve signing up for a hot new app for LGBT teens. It didn’t involve discovering her former best friend on that app. It certainly didn’t involve falling in love before she got to college where it was safer to come out!

Lily was popular. Lily was high school royalty. Lily had it all, and she hated her life.

More specifically she hated Lisa and the crowd of mean girls she called friends. Sure she was with the popular crowd, but it came at a price. Like being forced to play along when Lisa forced her to join some new gay dating app so they could find and out anyone using it.

Only what started as a prank becomes a whole lot more as Lily realizes there are more important things than being popular. Even if she is risking the only life she knows for feelings that are strange, new, and more than a little scary!

Two girls from different worlds. Two girls afraid of what they’re feeling. Two girls who will have to risk it all for a chance at love!

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Trigger & Content Warnings:

  • Ableist slurs, homomisia and forced outing
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