The Legend of the Golden Raven by K Ancrum

The Legend of the Golden Raven by K. Ancrum

August and Jack weren’t meant to be friends. One is a misfit with a pyro streak and the other a golden boy on the rugby team. But as their relationship intensifies, Jack slowly begins to lose his mind—taking readers on an intimate journey into the fantasy kingdom creeping into the edges of his world.

As the novella moves back and forth between a medieval legend and our own, contemporary world, nothing is as it seems. The boys alienate everyone around them as they struggle with their sanity and as Jack’s quest to fulfill a dark prophecy begins to consume them both . . .

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Trigger & Content Warnings:

  • Child abuse & neglect (theme)
  • Degenerative hallucinatory disorder, hallucinations & delusions
  • Trauma, codependency & separation anxiety
  • Fire & pyromania
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